Intranet Services

For the automation of administrative operations, a intranet application was developed at the Institute of Technology at the Technical University Graz. This application was developed using PHP Python using a LDAP back-end. Then application had following functionality. The institute’s infrastructure consisted of Linux servers with a LDAP back end for user accounts, mailing lists, and dns/dhcp entries.

Account Creation

Creating LDAP accounts for institute members, students, and project workers, each with different permissions and settings.

  • Create LDAP entry
  • Create home drive
  • Create export of email settings for import in the universities online email management tool (Maintained by the Technical University Graz Central Computing Department )

Account Management

Each member of staff can change basic account information as well as set away messages for their email account which is stored within the LDAP directory.

Mailing List Management

Managing mailing lists, adding and removing mail forwards. This feature could be used by any institutes member.

VPN Certificate Management

Create and revoke certificates for the institutes VPN. Each member of the institute could manage his or her own certificates. Additionally the admins could manage all certificates. For the creation of the actual certificates a Python script was executed from within the PHP application.

Device Manager

Adding and removing DNS entries to the different virtual networks (public and private v-lan) and registering an according MAC address.