In this series we look at how to develop a web API using Spring and then accessing it using a Angulat.JS frontend. In part 1 we set up the backend application, in part 2 we added some simple functionality to the API. In this part we will finally start with the frontend. So let’s dive right into it. (more…)

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In part 1 we set up the Spring project for our backend. In this part we will add some functionality to our API. (more…)

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In this post we will discuss how we can develop a web API in Spring and then access it using Angular.js. Additionally we will be using Angular Material to give our frontend application a nice look and feel. (more…)

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Primefaces Editor provides a way of adding an Image to a text using a image path (URL) . However, it does not provide an out of the box solution for uploading images to the server and adding the image to the text. We will illustrate a way of combining Primefaces editor with Primefaces FileUpload to solve this issue. (more…)

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